We haven't decided where to take a rest.

The length of our stay there will be one week.

In Feng Shui, Qi is a type of energy or life force.

Don't ever mention that again.

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May I speak with you for a moment?

Jussi complained to his neighbour about the constant barking of his dog.

Did you say your name was Shamim?

She's a fanatic.

She's in a coma on life support.

I am one of those who know this feeling only too well.

I was a fool to let you go out of my life.

On arriving in Tokyo, I wrote her a letter.

It was a mistake to get back together with you.


Jock did all the legwork.

Do you feel hungry?

Take a break.

The Amazon is the second longest river in the world after the Nile.

The cold wind pained the tramp terribly.


I didn't mean to hit you.

I don't like my neighbors.

When I opened the door, I saw that she was sleeping.

"It's that I want to buy a camera, but...." "If it's cameras you're talking about, I know a good place."

Ronald didn't come with us.


We need more people like you.

This book is smaller.

The patient received two doses of medicine.

The teacher can't have said such a thing.

I would not have known him.


We're not going to fire you.

List almost never buys chocolate bars.

She started that.

This character represents the will to learn.

Did you pay somebody to write this for you?

I'll alert Jeannie.

It's dinner time.

He heard it.

Why are you on this ship?


I think I've figured out which horse is most likely to win the race.


That was pretty selfish of Laurent not to let you use the car.

This had better be important.

Calm your nerves down.

Some states select primary candidates by caucus, while others hold an election.

Can this wait until morning?


How do you like Texas so far?

What you did brought disgrace on the whole class.

Remember to mail the letter.

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You can't have wanted it.

It took four years to Joel to build a working prototype of his new environmentally friendly car.

The little mermaid sighed and looked sadly at her fish tail.

"What's so funny?" "Nothing."

The document was copied exactly.

Add rice wine before cooking to remove the unpleasant odour.

Ariel invited his relatives over for afternoon tea.

We loved Boston.

He is under suspicion of theft.

Who hired them?

Do you think you could teach me to play the bagpipes?


You see that tall building over there, don't you?

That's the best one.

The tourists had to leave the town before dawn.

I will visit you tomorrow without fail.

Blaine said he was OK.

We all must stand up against this.

There's so much I haven't told you yet.

Ralf is a real estate agent.

Employers cannot refuse to hire workers because of their race, religion, ethnic origin, skin colour, sex, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.


Someone was here.


Graeme scored three hits.

The new school building is expected to be completed by spring next year.

She begged him to send her home.

That was a silly mistake.

May I call you Juri?

I think you're very cute.

It's clear that it's so.

Sanjib eventually joined the navy.

Deirdre comes here practically every day.

She continued to talk coolly.

You cannot kill yourself by holding your breath.

He was sick from eating too much.

Don't be disillusioned.

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He took control of the situation.

She washes the car.

She's fucked up.

The greater part of the guests were foreigners.

We're behind on schedule.

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Do you know where he bought his camera?

Teri is clearly unhappy.

He prayed that I might succeed.

I asked them.

That doesn't matter anymore.

Rusty knew what was going on.

Jinchao is the person who hit Rolfe.

That girl has a lovely doll.

You whispered.

I thought I had been cut from the team.

She reached out for the magazine on the shelf.


You'll regret it.


I'm friends with a lot of them.

Having sent a rude email to a constituent who had criticized government policy, the minister not only had to step down as a cabinet minister but was also forced out of his party caucus.

I'm so happy to see you again.

Did you ever ask Gale to stop doing that?

I wonder why eggs are sold by the dozen.


Freedom of speech was restricted in this country.

The tools are in the container.

I don't like any of these records.

Sharon just wants us to be quiet.

Guy almost always falls asleep while watching TV.

Belgians claim that French fries are not French but Belgian.

I have two children, one in is Beijing and the other one is in Nagoya.

I'm sure Judith won't remember Rainer.

You're still underage.


She is my teacher.


I leave it to your imagination.

He asked for a glass of beer.

Dalton was quite insistent.


I definitely was shocked.

I didn't know where to go, or what to do.

This is the first time I've ever wetted my hair.


The train was almost an hour behind schedule today.


Lucifer couldn't stand being alone with Brandy.

I want to improve my knowledge of languages.

I just let Eduardo think we did that even though we didn't really do it.


How lovely you look!

They were scattered in all directions.

I can't leave until I find out who Sriram is.


Something funny is always happening in our class.


Jimmy rose to go, but Joyce asked him to sit back down.

The boss made them work day and night.

The critics shot us down.

John picked a quarrel with college kids near him at the bar.

That's got to be a good sign.

He usually looks through the newspapers before breakfast.

As it is, you are awake.

I hear you're very good at French.

Hey, what's the big secret? Come on; let me in on it.

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It's almost time to get started.

Barbara got along with everybody.

Sriram could hear birds chirping outside his window.

She took aim at the deer.

It's a rule.

She smiled.

The world has become a dangerous place for tourists.

They are sitting at the table.

The boxing match was completely one-sided, one pug was so badly mauled that his manager had to throw in the sponge.

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Will you miss me?

Have courage.

There was nowhere to hide.

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We must not stay here.

I thought of making myself a beautiful wooden marionette.

Tuna and Cindy often travel together.

I talked to my heart's content.

Excuse us for a second.

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The phone rang while I was taking a bath, as usual.

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The doctor examined Presley's wound.

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Laura decided to come out.

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He was lying by intent.

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"Do you see that great tree there?" said the witch, pointing to a tree beside them.

The old cottage has a certain charm about it.

I neither walk nor run.


Actions should have consequences.


This is the first time we've ever tried doing it this way.

I left the window open all through the night.

You weren't invited.

Claudio has been in jail before.

It was true that she had got married twice.