I don't know how many years Ariel lived in Boston.

I think Mark is the one most likely to win the race.

Please ignore my comments above.

Marnix went to a costume party last weekend.

That boy is sad. He has tears in his eyes.

My mother has made me what I am today.

Is sentence construction in Esperanto freer than in Portuguese?

He did not want to talk about it.

Yesterday I did not visit my parents, but I will visit them today.

I can't blame them.


That boat was full of refugees from Cuba.


He is always harassed with debts.

The stakes just got a whole lot higher.

Do they have jobs?

I hope nothing happened to him.

He spotted five mistakes in as many lines.

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I want tacos.

This dog was born two months ago.

It is difficult to talk to him.

Customers have to be satisfied.

Without proper radiation protection, humans can't venture out in deep space.

Don't tell them that.

What did you just tell Jussi?


His words don't match his actions.

Natraj came back to Boston for a class reunion.

What's up, dude?

Tareq went out of his way to make Brad feel at home.

You know I hate that.

What happened that day?

A mouse is a timid creature.

I saw her a short time ago.

Some people say the corpus is intended for learners, some think it's more for scientific purposes.

She is always at school.

I've returned to Boston.


I told Liber not to come today.

His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.

No further details were available.


I'm not too concerned about it.


I was just looking for him.

Sandeep loved Socorrito's ideas.

Raif has decided not to tell George about what happened.


Barry could tell Hienz wasn't convinced.

We accept online donations.

Suspecting him of telling her secret to some of her friends, Lars was angry with Jim.


There's more wind today than yesterday.

Sal could sense something.

Dan and Linda married in a church.

Summer is the season when women look most beautiful.

He is not in.

Are we still waiting for Lanny?

They decided to abolish the old restriction.

The children wreaked havoc in the house.

Kyu put the calendar on the wall behind his desk.

There were nice pictures on that wall.

Sanford is tougher than he looks.

Jim asked Naomi why she'd been so glum lately.

It's hard to surprise them.

There are many guesses about how language began, but the fact is that no one really knows.

I like to play tennis.

You don't have all the information.

What time does Colin leave for work?

Something terrible has happened to Sjouke.

During a total eclipse, the Moon completely covers our view of the Sun.

He put his things carelessly in the drawer.

The campfire has burned down.

Monkeys are kept in cages.

Raja would be better.

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Boston is overrated.


What languages does Jianyun speak?

This is for free.

Are you aware you're being named in a lawsuit against the federal government?

Can you get a message to him?

'Guillaume and Lebas' will that not make a good business name? We might add, 'and Co.' to round off the firm's signature.

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You told me you could do it.

Space is Alan's real estate agent.

She needs you.

Slartibartfast lives in a small village.

I don't know what holiday it is today.


I have to keep on working.

Milo put his pistol under his pillow.

Why is Ernie out here?


I like to climb mountains.


If you won't tell him, I will.

I'm sure there's no need to be afraid.

That's just a shot in the dark. How do you think you'll succeed by just acting on the spur of the moment like that?

The site for the new factory has not been decided.

The city was alarmed by the earthquake.

You're polite as fuck!

Go do something.

The physiognomy of the landscape on the tropical coast is gorgeous.

My parents are getting divorced.

Luke hardly comes here anymore.

He was purged of all suspicion.


They kidnapped me, drugged me, and then brainwashed me.

Jamie is whining.

I don't work during the week, just weekends.


I want to learn how to snowboard.


She debated about his offer.

Claudio said goodnight.

We were only trying to help Shyam.

I'm in love and I'm confused.

Let's talk about it later, okay?

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I don't think Julius likes it.

His house is far from the station.

You shot her.


I met your son yesterday and he greeted me politely.

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Don't let them cross the street.

Tommy had three twenties on him.

Stanly is in his office.

I don't like the taste of this.

I'll be there for you.

Institutionally, a major restraint is the copyright problem.

That's just not enough.

Inshallah, soon we'll be home.

John knows English history from A to Z.

She looked around, but saw nothing.

What exactly did you ask them?

I've never heard Herman sing in public.

When did you translate this letter?

This is what it's all about.

Are you sure it's safe to stand that close to the edge of the cliff?


Food is the largest source of garbage in landfills.

Recycling paper is very important.

I'm not afraid of her anymore.

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I was criticized.

Cuba is in South America.

Are you feeling nauseated?


Too much money?

You're going to like them.

Did Jane have fun at the concert last night?


Here are five amazing facts about English today.


Is there life on Mars? If not, was it there before?

The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.

The doctor advised Mike to stop drinking.

As soon as you arrive, she will make something to eat.

I believe that he's trustworthy.

The garrison was forced to surrender.

Vegans do not use animal products, or by-products, in their everyday lives.


My car is older than me.

I've done all that I can do today.

Some said openly that they did not care who won the war.

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That's not going to be easy.


Sassan is warmhearted.


Have you read the book yet?

I suppose you're hungry.

Darren took control of the business.

Welcome to your new home.

In Britain, mince pies are traditionally eaten at Christmas time.

What can you do for me?

I don't usually wait for anybody.


What I want is to move on.

The meeting ended earlier than usual.

We chose her to be our leader.

Shuvra would slap Vijay for just any reason.

The lights suddenly went out and it become dark.

Have you ever seen a purple butterfly?

I used to go there a lot a few years ago.

The old man predicted our success.

It's quite painless.

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Sorrel twisted his ankle while hiking.

Don't come back without information.

No overseas adoptions yet? What kind of celebrity are you, anyway? Go sit at the kid's table with Kathy Griffin and Gary Busey!

He can't tell the real thing from the fake.

Gregg is humiliated.

I'm trying to talk to you.

It'll take some time to get used to wearing a wig.

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Keep to these instructions carefully.