Ofer was the only one not invited to Alvin's party.

The members numbered thirty, all told.

Japan is a famous come-back story after Would War II.


Carolyn is wearing a Red Cross button.

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Why do you say it's a verb?

Byron said so many times.

What I can do for you?

Dieter has plenty of money.

I feel lost.

She slipped into a new way of life.

Marilyn thinks there's something Laura isn't telling him.


Harv likes what he sees.

I can at least take them home.

I'm afraid there is nobody available to help you right now. Please call back in an hour.


That story is too incredible to be true.

I can believe that.

If I wasn't here, this office would be in chaos in three days.

How do I get to the other side?

He is quick to take offence.


Who killed Kimberly?

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I don't remember it.

Comedians don't usually laugh at their own jokes.

I will go when he comes back.

Johnathan's rather busy just now.

She wouldn't even speak to him.

The Cyclops lifted his cyclopean body out of his cyclopean bed and set about to the cyclopean task of cleaning up the entirety of his cyclopean lair.

The old man walked with a stick.

Carlos says he's not worried.

Can we please focus here?


Nathaniel lived in the woods.

"Give me your soul", said the evil.

Have you asked Panzer what happened?

I think Gregg should go on a diet.

I'll be in Boston.

When bad boys become good and kind, they have the power of making their homes gay and new with happiness.

I always order the daily special when I eat lunch at this restaurant.

Is this water OK to drink?

My camera was stolen.

Nanda has a pet squirrel.

You understand me.


Natraj isn't too bright.

Are we going to surrender to these monsters?

We're not your parents.

I'm trying to lose weight.

I'm not miserable.

Why not get a job?

My grandma texts faster than you.

You don't fool me.

I actually like broccoli.

He is the right man for the post.

I need to speak to her.


No one can understand how the accident happened.

It was definitely Sandip that I saw yesterday in the park.

I like to do things on my own.

Speaking your native language is so boring.

I got paid today.


Have you found Shai yet?

I didn't lose that much.

I believe him to be a man of ability.

"How do you do, Mr James?" "Fine, thanks for asking. Nice to meet you."

Can I kiss you?


There's something I want to discuss with you.

The festive mood was slightly spoiled by terrorist bombs.

How much does this hobby cost you?

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Is it direct?

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Noam is dating an exchange student from China.

Sanche said that you and he went camping last weekend.

If you are going abroad, it's necessary to have a passport.

A baby was born to them.

They're capoiera dancers.

I'll have to clear this with my superiors.

I suggest that you talk to Nichael.

Are you newbies?

Pshaw, is that the best you can do?

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Jarvis is the oldest of the three brothers.

I killed him.

Whose bicycle is that?

To be, or not to be: that is the question.

I have a ulcer in my mouth.

This isn't supposed to be possible.

I wonder why we haven't heard from Miles yet.

I want to take them with me.

Does this seem fair to you?

I just wanted you to know I support you.

We were moving a little too fast.

I can't ask Lois to lie.

I'll wait patiently.

"Whose chair is this?" "It is mine."

I am in the habit of going for a drive on Sundays.

I am shearing the sheep.

Clean the mirror.

The policeman saw who killed her.

He insists on going to the park with his father.

This ant is the queen; don't you see she has wings?

We've still got some milk left in the refrigerator.

Peggy expects Lorenzo back by 2:30.

Jerrie groaned in pain.


I've finished all except the last page.


If you don't want to do it, it's OK.


Henry found us, didn't he?

Is this your doing or just a coincidence?

One of the most beautiful words in any language would have to be "friend."

Are you going to mow your lawn this afternoon?

That woman knows where I live.

I don't make the rules.

The police are questioning them.


Turkeer isn't good at making conversation.


Why don't you just let her go?


I recommend that you don't do that.

John has put on a lot of weight recently.

I'm prepared to accept the consequences.

What's going to happen to your prisoners?

Many people disagreed with the judge's decision.

What are you planning to do after this is over?

Are you sure you'll be alright here by yourself?


I'm not going to marry her.


This textbook is intended for foreign students.

Please leave.

For circumstantial evidence, that's plenty.

Roxane saw something in the distance.

I thought you might want some breakfast.

My younger brother is learning to read English.

Leadership calls for tough choices and, at times, tough language.

I still feel really tired.

The gambler used loaded dice to cheat.

I want to take advantage of it.

Both you and I are college graduates.

Skef gave the impression that he wasn't happy.

I'll never be able to play again.

Tell me how he got it.

I couldn't just leave Andrea there by himself.

Wayne doesn't even live in Boston anymore.

She did not buy the dress, which she liked very much.

The salesman learned to be punctual for appointments.

You can't get this at any bookseller's.


I have no idea who might've stolen your bicycle.

I know you think highly of them.

Many workers got laid off.


Ninja likes to be spontaneous.

The cat slowly approached the mouse.

That was absolutely awesome!

I think about her every day.

We are apt to watch TV, irrespective of what program is on.

He is ignoring you.

I don't really talk a lot.


You have won.

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Shall we add a bit more salt?

The event starts at 8pm.

You were very happy.


Dustin served 30 years for second degree murder.

Tolerant won't succeed.

We stayed at the Dorchester.

Once upon a time, there lived a cruel king.

Vicki is going to try to grow strawberries.

I have to apologize to Vance.

If I were you, I'd want to know what Glenn is doing right now.

I'm pretty sure it's not going to rain today.

How many rivers run through Texas ?

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Send him in.

Laurel was the subject of numerous jokes.

Whatever the party holds to be truth, is truth.

Do you really want this?

The hunter followed the bear's tracks.


Stanley looked at his dog.

The mother sponged her sick child's face.

We caught the thief.

Have lunch.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?

You can't be here right now.

Today's paper says that a big typhoon is approaching.