Jin has started to learn French.

Will it be fair in Tokyo tomorrow?

He got tired of reading.

You've never kissed Timothy, have you?

My parents began worrying.

We're going to stay.

He didn't write anything.

He's always short of money.

I haven't heard from him.

Why did I write all those letters?

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They'll accept the gifts.

He comes from the middle class.

I took advantage of an opportunity.

It's time to get started with the Christmas shopping.

Why won't anybody help me?

You are in my heart.

Let me live.

I can't do this all on my own.

Did you see who was inside?

Students are forbidden to smoke on the school grounds.

Hurry up, the summer is almost over...

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A homeless man sleeping in a skip escaped injury this morning when the skip was lifted onto a truck and its contents crushed.

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Single or double room?

We're reliable.

I want you to call the police.

He asked me to renew the bond.

That's not an opinion. It's a fact.

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Look what Mechael got.

Teri filed a lawsuit.

Everybody will have to pitch in to save the environment.

I found the gloves that were under the chair.

I learned to drive a car when I was eighteen and got a driver's license.


Tell him when you've got it in sight.

The engine is itself very good.

A two-legged donkey can become general and remain a donkey.

I'm convinced Elisabeth is lying.

Kangaroo tail soup is known as an Australian dish, because kangaroos are found in Australia.

What are they waiting for?

I drink my tea without sugar.

I don't know why you're so worried.

This policy resulted in a great rise in prices.

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Wendell behaved very badly.

If it has something to do with Sir, I'm interested.

How do I make him give up his dream?

If you come across an unfamiliar word, look it up in your dictionary.

Scoot over and make room for Svante.

I like meat better than fish.

This custom has become firmly established among the Japanese.

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To think what we do not feel is to lie to ourselves, in the same way that we lie to others when we say what we do not think.


What is wrong with him?

People love to talk.

Betty isn't so bad.

Jem can hardly support himself on his salary.

I'll have some cereal and orange juice.

The three animals tried to help the old man, the monkey using its ability to climb to collect fruit and nuts, and the fox catching fish in the stream to bring to him.

I want to make a complaint.

Tal isn't lying down.

Bring me the vinegar and oil, please.

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Let's hurry.

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You can call me when you want.


I want to kill him.

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Everett and Srivatsan are both good students.

Don't take out anything from the bag.

He left Tokyo for Kyoto.

Mitch has a grandson.

The police arrested four men.

You should have stopped while you had the chance.

Graeme didn't answer at once.

I should've told them no.

I pointed this out to her.

Muiriel had no other choice but to accept her defeat.

The only problem is Adrian didn't leave.

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I was hired to kill your friend.


Daniel handed Pitawas a sealed envelope.

We know what the problems are.

There's no one in the house.

You belong to the next generation.

Ken is outspoken.

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This is extremely hard for us.


Wendell asked the same question to many people.

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This is an age when honesty does not pay.

Who's your boyfriend?

Jerald thanked me for coming.


Dave lies without any inhibition.

Kusum is always changing his mind.

Suddenly, the dog started barking.

You can buy that dog if you want to. It is for sale.

I know how dangerous Laura is.

I could go for some pizza right now.

When was the last time you wore your earrings?

I wanted to stay busy, so I wouldn't think about what had happened.

I'm delivering my portfolio later today.

You look incredible.

Don't worry, I will protect her.

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"You look terrific. Did you lose weight?" "I wish."

She felt restless all day long.

Why do you resent me?

We need only a few more minutes.

Time flies like an arrow.

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Our neighbor has bought cheese, onion sausage and rolls for us.

Is this the girl you spoke well of the other day?

Help me to make it grow!


People are talking about this Internet phenomenon.

Stop wasting time and get back to work.

It was obvious that they had told a lie.

What effects would planetary alignment have?

I have trouble picturing that.


Can we ride with you?

She got home exhausted today.

You were having fun, weren't you?


Manjeri has never cheated on his wife.


I mop my house almost every day.

Follow your own path and let people talk.

I let him catch me.


We're getting nowhere with those problems.

Is it true that Tareq joined a cult?

Her white shoes leave dark red traces.


She looks ill.

What did you get from Takeuchi?

Be generous; don't think only of his faults.

A dog does not eat a dog.

Rahul wasn't so bad.


I was taken prisoner.

This offer is valid for five days.

I'll tell them you helped out.

We can't even be certain that it was Sidney we saw.

We didn't hear any alarms.

I'm sure Barrio will help you.

Can I please have something hot to drink?


He plays the piano well.

Can it really be mine?

Danielle and Nikolai shared an umbrella. However, it wasn't big enough and they both got wet.


Toby knows him.

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Dan killed Linda with a hammer.

Help yourself. There's plenty more in the kitchen.

The typhoon has done much harm.

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It's hideous.


Novorolsky and Ami were both drunk.

You seem very knowledgeable about that.

Just help me with this baggage.

Lynne loves you.

I thought you were going to help us.

You get older when you don't have many aims.

Shutoku did everything for me.

We enjoyed playing tennis.

Who's there?


Excuse me. Where is the bakery?


The pile of garbage is as big as Mount Everest.

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The authorities are trying to dispel the doubts about his death.


Larry wants to have a talk with Louis.

Please get out of here immediately.

There used to be a pond around here.

Do you see my father?

Amy certainly has trouble thinking outside the box.

Words cannot express it.

He acted just as if there were nothing.

She is an actor.

It was really dark.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll end up in jail.

You should at least apologize.

Why do you like something like that?

Are you sure that you want to give this away?


I've come to save her.