Elvis is coming tomorrow.

I already know how to do that.


Tell me what you saw.

Rabin asked Jwahar to read the letter.

Given another chance, he'd do his best.


Where do you want to go this summer?

Is Hiroyuki cool?

Mott said he knew I was coming.

The event is worthy of remembrance.

You recognize Kayvan, don't you?

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She's six years older than I am.

I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I was appalled by the traffic in Bangkok, but travellers told me Taipei was worse.

Duane accepts that what Saad said was the truth.


Rahul didn't want to go to the dentist's.

You're too cynical.

The team was divided into smaller groups.

I'm sure there's something in the box.

I am very much relieved to know that.

I haven't seen her yet.

Nate is very busy at work.

After his bankruptcy, he wasn't able to get back on his feet.

Don't say it in a roundabout way.

I hope Huashi is happy.

The skilled craftsman restored the shattered vase piece by piece.

Jock didn't move fast enough.

This sentence is fine.


I've got a new word processor.

Juliet has a law degree.

These empty boxes take up too much space.

I'm happy to ride with Margot.

I was right about you.


During the war, people went through many hardships.

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I think Lenora is very attractive.


Where should we go to get something to eat?


You should tell the boss.

You've got to do something to help Hirofumi.

I don't feel like watching TV now.

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You must certainly be very hungry now.

I don't love you.

All of the books on the bookshelf have been read.


Bart isn't going to budge.

It is truly said that time is money.

I plan to give my son a computer at the end of the month.

Let's see if Carsten knows more than we do.

All they show us is girls in bathing suits!

Let's meet here again a year from today.

Ramadoss unplugged the lamp.

I'm going to take a bath.

I'm not in any particular hurry.

Jack decided to cancel the reservations.

Nobody cares what happens to Cristopher.


Lester sent a birthday card to Kristen.

Did you sign this?

I'll talk the matter over with my father.


The fruit of this tree is sweet.


I saw them play baseball in the playground.


Brandi stopped doing that.

When I was in England, I had great difficulty trouble in speaking English.

There's a problem with the air conditioner.

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I heard a knock on the door and it was Jacques.

My name is Tamako, and yours is?

It is never too late to be what you could have been.

All things considered, he led a happy life.

Many rich people live in this neighborhood.

I'd like another cup of coffee.

He's the scum of the earth. A waste of time.

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I cannot drill the door. This is Ken's job.


What don't you like about Brandon?

Tandy gave me everything I wanted.

Teruyuki asked Hal how to turn off the computer.

I didn't know Herbert at that time.

Kurt said he's going to tell us what he knows.


I don't have as much free time as you do.

You need a taxi, don't you?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Why were you frightened?

We hit a bump.

He is not stupid.

I spread marmalade on my bread.

He knows better than to believe such a thing.

Better to die on our feet, than to live on our knees.

I didn't even know that existed.

I'm not certain Think is here.


Let's try to do it the right way.


I want a car that runs on solar power.

You're starting to sound like your mother.

We go to Odawara castle.

The Southwest, Great Plains, and Southeast are particularly vulnerable to changes in water supply and demand. Changes in precipitation and runoff, combined with changes in consumption and withdrawal, have reduced surface and groundwater supplies in many areas. These trends are expected to continue, increasing the likelihood of water shortages for many uses.

Those political ideas arose in India.

Christophe remained outside.

They're leaving for the church now.


Would you like to trade seats?

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My thoughts are in agreement with them.


Distance per degree of longitude at equator.

Conceited people take it for granted that they are superior to others.

Tell Danny I love Kent, too.

I don't like Bill, who gets angry easily.

She's all right.

I don't like to be pushed.

I got married on June first.

We can't seem to find our way back home.

Cobbler, keep to thy last!

There's nothing in here but a lot of useless junk.

We are banking on fine weather for the sports day.

Can I go on a date with Ken, Mom?

Work hard, and you'll pass the exam.

He was aware of a sharp pain.

What would you recommend?

I was about to ask you the same question.

"To be honest, I'm afraid of heights." "Coward!"

She need not go there herself.

He's my senior by two years.

I don't know how to manage that large estate.

We are going home.

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He left his students these famous words.

Due to the storm, he didn't arrive.

Is there anything you can tell us about Elizabeth that we don't already know?

A molecule of water is made up of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms.

I didn't understand the French sentence. I think the Spanish translation is the most accurate one.

I thought he was going to kill me.

That's why I'm so fat.

I can be reasonable.

Your English is not good enough.

We just ate dinner.

Rugby is a sport which is never called off by rain.

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I have always been very passionate about poetry.

Mitch went deeper into the cave.

Perhaps that's true.

Her dress was made of coarse wool.

They are beginning their homework.

While I was reading, the phone rang.

You are one disturbed woman!


Taping a woman's wrists together is not first date activity.

I cannot help laughing to hear such a story.

When was the last time you treated a patient?

"What a fabulous creation can a woman be compared with?" "With a triple-headed snake. She speaks one thing, thinks another, and does the third".

I don't know what went wrong.

We're trying to work here.

I took it for granted that he would consent.

Don't touch anything without asking first.

Kanthan saw Shadow crying.

Hand me my hat.

During the eclipse, the moon became blood red.

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Could you help me find my keys?

Hon and Knapper just don't trust John.

The journey greatly added to his store of knowledge.

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How can we accomplish that?


The voice acting is horrible.

It's possible that Lisa lied to you.

I stopped coughing after two days.

I haven't met friends.

We passed through a town at night.

Don't let Susan go.

This job fulfils my expectations.

It is concerned with air pollution.

The vase that he broke is my aunt's.

Everett says he'll take care of everything.

Kyu's bitten his nails right down to the quick.

I'm going to need you to be more specific.

I had a really great time tonight.

I will stay with you provided that you stay here.

The surface of the object is fairly rough.

I just worked 13 hours straight.

It's a little inconvenient.

Once you have a plan, you should keep to it.

I realized it was a mistake as soon as I did it.


He's a used car salesman.