Yes, you need to practice every day.

It's actually quite pretty if you look at it from a certain angle.

I don't want you to feel like prisoners.

They apologized for the inconvenience.


You can't carry people on your bike, didn't you know?

The insect ate the peach hollow.

To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit finds purpose of a life in reason.

I've had it. All I've done today is handle complaints.

This towel is harsh to the touch.

Joe purged himself of the suspicion.

They charged me for the broken window.

I turned him down.

The conference ends tomorrow.

I wonder if Dylan really intended to do that.

Ed never wanted to do anything we asked him to do.

Kerry and Helge have one adopted daughter.

It's an infection.


I bake two or three loaves of bread every week.


This factory manufactures automobile parts.

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Mother told me to come home early, but I was late.

Do you take MasterCard?

It's remarkable.

Cristina was killed in a traffic accident.

Don't make that expression.

How many kilograms does it amount to?

Penny is just a typical 13-year-old.

We should get started.

Lock your doors.

No one likes you.

I don't want another car, I want my car.

How do you know his name?

OK, that's enough.

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She calls her sister Mina-chan.

The car is not illegally parked.

He's not my friend, he's my enemy.


I got some shampoo in my eyes and it stings.

I didn't say I was going.

Ambition is one of his characteristics.

ERROR: No body text!

You have no right to say that.

Turn hard left.

Even Plastic lied to us.


She tore a photograph.


Honest work never hurt anyone.

George was my boss.

The dog is brown, small and thin.

Doug ruined me.

I have a lot of learning to do.

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We hope there won't be any bloodshed.

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Did someone sleep here last night?

Did you know that if you mixed red and blue paint you obtained purple?

Millions of wild animals live in Alaska.

Hiroyuki has murdered three people.

They will catch you.

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They'll ask him.

Derek went out to look for Willie.

It is impossible for him to give up smoking.

I was alone in my quarters.

She washed a carpet.

This old building isn't worth fixing up. It would be better to tear it down.

Government ministers are certain to welcome such proposals.

He is quite good at his job, but lacks initiative.

We can't say any more.

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Let's get out.

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We didn't see any girls in the group.

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Their progress was stopped by a wide river.

Norm is here every night until ten.

It's me that's wrong.

I heard about you and Keith.

What do you mean I have too much personality?

That we are not able to do.

I wish Robert all the best for the future.


You need more meat on your bones.

He is a lion at home and a mouse outside.

I still need to talk to her.

Amanda has been living with us for the past three years.

Of course, I'm serious! Is it not written on my face?

You should reckon with his obstinate character.

Oil is scarce in this country.

Juliet, sit down right now.

Every positive integer has exactly one successor.


Majority rule is a basic principle of democracy.

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In Asia, there are problems with articles in English.

It's been three weeks since Eddie broke his arm.

What are you doing at school this afternoon?

Where did you learn such a difficult word?

Survival analysis showed a significant reduction.

Susumu threw the letter into the wastebasket.

Housing could be obtained at a price.


My attic will be expanded.

Sheila is so desperate in her search for a husband - she's decided to have a blind date!

I just want to go to sleep.

I find that it's best to find a happy balance between originality and sticking to a strict standard.

I am climbing a palm tree.

I'm going to Japan with my girlfriend in August.

I don't have anything to read.


The trees are budding early this year.


Nobody's ever heard of him.


He saw us off until he could not see us anymore.

What's your favorite Harry Potter book?

It's very important to explain the risks to Antony.

I'm not disputing that.

Our decision to go to Portugal was quite arbitrary.


You don't owe us anything.


It's dinner time.

Ninja said that the mistake was due to an oversight.

This story is worth reading.

Ted noticed the wedding ring on Joyce's finger.

I'm all for that.

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Everyone in her class likes her.

It's not always easy.

Put the cooled, cooked apple mixture into the pastry case.


The campsite isn't accessible by road.

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She is devoted to her children.

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That's why you should hire me.

It's so warm in this room that I'm sweating.

That seems reasonable.

I just think it's wrong.

The soup is too hot.


Chickens were looking for food.

The unpopular politician was frequently given the razz by the crowd during his speech.

You have to come with us.

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I put some milk in my coffee.

She didn't want him to die.

Keep this.


You're playing at being a conscientious objector, but mark my words: when all is said and done, you'll join the army like everyone else.

Lui is in the lead.

Strong commitment to the environment is not compatible with large investments in oil and gas.


There are people who don't like Liza.


My last husband was a real idiot.


It's important to help people who are in trouble.

Vice, Ken, and Randell fought about whether or not to call the police.

There is a possibility of my getting killed.

I'm working with a Spaniard.

Let's let him try that again.

It's hard.

We don't need Orville anymore.

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Nothing will be the same.

He bought me drinks.

It was also a wet dream.

I really enjoy your accurate questions.

How long have you been at this?

Charleen said he's healthy.

Where are my keys?

The party was anything but pleasant.

Is Judith in trouble again?


Have a good weekend!

The scientific theory I like the best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost luggage.

Morris tried to break the door down.

What did you do then?

Stanly should've been here.


You may as well do the task now as put it off.

He telegraphed me his congratulations.

Drew was eating his dessert when the phone rang.

Antonella has been injured.

I don't like him at all.

He described his own experience.

Can I use your telephone, please?

I need light plates because today my family is going to eat lunch in the park.

Clayton is artistic.


Did Myron seem upset?


Nobody understands me.