Something urgent came up.

Does your sister have children?


Norma was angry because he hadn't been invited to Antonio's party.

I have to understand the meaning of this sentence.

Glenn stopped writing.

Promise you'll drop by tonight.

Don't let her intimidate you.

Did you tell Kieran we were coming?

I'm glad to finally meet you.

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This kid seems to be rather happy.

We couldn't wait for Tony.

The company invited their prospective customers to the party.

Do you think it's safe to go into this cave?

Read the kind of books that are useful to you.

Pradeep has just finished cleaning his room.

He fled Australia.


We'll have to try and make the best of it.


He is not cheated who knows he is being cheated.


I have to make certain Vladislav knows what to do.

We believe in Buddhism.

That would've been the smart thing to do.


Most people write about their daily life.

Alex offended Kolkka.

She was raising four kids.

I don't have time for all of this.

You have to see them.

There's a padlock on the door.

Duke wrote a letter to Hal.


You arrived there before Mick.

The girl playing the piano is my sister.

This is a good bargain.


It's next to impossible to finish it in a day.


What will I do in Rome?

No clouds were in the sky.

The priest blessed the congregation at the end of the mass.


Why haven't you told Mikael that he owes 300 dollars?


They formed themselves in groups of five.

I need a place to sit.

Do you have a table on the patio?


What am I looking at?

We've got a million things to do.

Not till then did I realize the danger of the situation.

Do you know how sausage is made?

Hey, are you remotely sane?!

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You heard correctly.

Mrs. Brown warned Beth, that she will always be too heavy if she doesn't eat reasonably.

Dan decided to leave town.

I'd like to make an appointment for fluoride treatments for my son.

Can I use this credit card internationally?

All mammals have seven cervical vertebrae.

Jaime has been avoiding me like the plague ever since he broke my glasses.

I do think that Coleen is dangerous.

Myron had been standing in the rain for what seemed like hours.

Man is sinful.

We've got it all figured out.


Don't let him put his feet on the table.

I want to do the right thing.

I feel depressed often.

He seems happy.

Thursday Island is situated in the Torres Strait between Australia's northernmost Cape York and New Guinea.

That's a low blow.

All the boys are honest.


Prometheus brought down fire to Earth to the mankind.

Dieter got out of the car and ran into the hospital.

You have a very logical way of thinking.


We'll paint it.

Do we need to wait for them?

He talked about his expectations.

Has anyone thought about this?

The temperature didn't make it any easier for us to go out on a trip.


I guess you didn't talk to her.


Please say hello to him for me.


The general commanded them to move on.

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Maybe you should ask him.

I bought the same toaster that Margot bought.

Nothing else was taken.

Is this car yours?

I want to make a book cover like the leather-bound books that you get in Myst and Riven.

We're safe here for the moment.

If I could see her, I would.

I like everything that comes with summer.

The thermometer says it's thirty degrees in here.

I need to rinse my mouth.

I took a walk.

Just tell him how you feel.

You add examples but you don't translate them.

Victory and defeat aren't solely decided by the size of your army.

I wonder who this is from.

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Did Carlos tell Philippe when John would be arriving?


I don't know the word "impossible".

Sir got up late this morning.

I've got this all under control.


I had great difficulty in finding my ticket at the station.

The landscape of yellow, a mass of sunflowers flourishing beyond measure.

You don't drink enough water.


I don't know; he appears to be a heteronormative jerk.

Children learn languages very quickly.

I'm really proud of our team.

Evacuation will be difficult.

Jorge can speak four languages.

The conductor was expecting a more connotated definition.

His face cleared.


A bad cold has kept me from studying this week.


I have to wait here for Valeria.

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They got married three months later.

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Hienz has never gone on a date with Tollefsen.

He used to be as strong as Hercules, though.

It happens more often than you'd think.


Tell Brenda how you feel.


You may take what you need.

The show was far from being a failure.

Daren learned later that Ann wasn't planning to live in Boston.

I can go to your house tomorrow.

File a police report!

An indecipherable glance passed between them.

When I grow up I'd like to be a confectioner.

I was filled with frightful sorrow for her.

Margaret knows exactly what he's talking about.

I am fixing the washing machine.

I have been a teacher for 15 years.

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The Rosenfelders live in Wheaton, Indiana.

Joachim is still alive, isn't he?

Obviously, Susanne hasn't told anyone about what happened.

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She had been proposed to five times by the time she was twenty.

Put the book back where you found it.

Juliane told me he'd like to come with us.

You need to eat more.

He devoted his whole life to compilation of the dictionary.

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It makes perfect sense!

The situation has evolved into a more complex problem.

To make a good translation of an artistic text, you have to try to think about and feel what motivated the author of the original text.

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I don't want Clark to make a fuss.

You will need a bodyguard.

You know we didn't do this.

If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

I remembered that boys will be boys.

I can't keep looking the other way.

The new railway is not completed yet.


It was Mr White that gave Joe this ticket.

We didn't need that.

Miltos is way busier than I am.

Why did you leave the class yesterday?

Donnie spilled the milk.

Bill wants to kill us.

It is about time you stopped being so idle and did some work.

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Jane spent a very flat weekend.


He got his right ear pierced.

Auto imports will take a nose-dive in the first quarter.

It is broiling hot.

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I was trying to tell her that.


We know you were involved.

I just wanted to drop by to say hi.

I covered her with kisses and tears.

I just wanted to help the team.

Something is wrong with my watch.


I think Moran should get married.

"Yes, I am Brazilian. No, I don't like carnival."

Why do you always take everything on yourself like that? Why don't you rely more on us?


John is the taller of the two.