Jim was asleep in his room.

What did you think we were talking about?

You're incredibly talented.

What do you aim to be?

Did you find anything in the room?

I could use a little sleep.

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It's too heavy to move.

Both roads lead to the station.

She always looked happy.

Does that price include tax?

If you can't love yourself, no one else will.


As the Duke of Zhou said, "It will benefit not to crave for the personal benifit".


Everyone knows.

Where do you study?

Put it in the file.

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At first they rejected the proposal, but a clergyman urged them to accept.


I can't just let them kill me.

Everyone sympathized with the parents about their son's death.

There are lots of things we've got to fix.

There are a lot of beach bums in Hawaii.

The food disagreed with him.

Blaine is active.

I'm going to have to call you right back.

There's nothing like going out in style.

Are you related to him?

Shai made a beeline for home.

I'm so grateful for that.

At the crossroads, turn left.

He owns a Stradivarius.

I'm going to bed, bye.

Did you get hurt in the football game?

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He shaves himself every day.


To know oneself is difficult.

He shook his head.

Far away beyond the pine-woods, there is a little garden. There the grass grows long and deep, there are the great white stars of the hemlock flower, there the nightingale sings all night long. All night long he sings, and the cold crystal moon looks down, and the yew-tree spreads out its giant arms over the sleepers.

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All these eggs are not fresh.

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Once I arrived home from school, I heard some sounds coming from my closet, and thinking that it was just our pet cat Chiro, I opened the door wide open, and instead found some guy I didn't know inside.

Dylan named her first child Gretchen.

This road is of great importance.

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Matthieu will probably win the race.

We have everything we need now.

I am eating.

Calvin always has the cutest profile pictures.

I couldn't stop staring at Lin.


It was not until a few days later that he arrived.

I don't have any pictures of you.

I go to work by bus.

What do I have to do now that I'm registered?

He made me sign the paper against my will.

I'll have that sent to you.

How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?

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I associate it with this.

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He swept his brush across the canvas.

We spent time together in Boston.

What if I don't buy that car?

Between astonishment and sorrow, she could not speak a word.

Let me explain something to you.

Franklin was known for his common sense.

We have to do something.

Tuna was given full custody of the children.

Ask Shyam how he got here.

I knew you would suspect me.

Why are you sitting here in the dark?

Stanley took his daughter to school.

I am proud to work with you.

When she heard that, she broke into tears.

Would you please stop singing?

During the Middle Ages, astronomers had clung to the theory of a Greek philosopher.

With hard work, your plans will succeed.


She was homesick.


June believed that John was his brother.

Don't move too quickly.

She took risks.

I couldn't make sense of most of it.

I don't speak Mandarin very well.

Dion baked a cake for Joyce.

I am a bit shy.

I know about everything that's happened.

Al is the man wearing the red tie.

If all else fails, reboot the system.

Betty got over the shock.

I'm just going to lie down for a minute.

I don't like sushi.

I don't want you to harass her.

It's important to learn to hope.


Jay took a big bite out of Slartibartfast's sandwich.

Sanjeev talks too much.

I once managed to fit seven people in my car.

Are we going to eat?

His mystical babble bores me, and I am not going to continue listening to such bullshit. I have more important things to do.

They even listened to music.

I have a friend named Russ.

Don't bother. It's a waste of time.

I like getting out of the office once in a while.

We are at home today.

"Dang Me" wasn't the first song Roger Miller had written, but it was his first huge hit record.

Who will you go with?

Is the museum visited by many people?


After patiently listening to the audience's complaints, the judges changed the results.


Maybe there's something I missed.


Anthony is my son's best friend.

It's not something I want to discuss.

You have come at an opportune time.

I was surprised because it was very big.

It's a little late for that now.

Jacob seldom makes mistakes when he's speaking French.

Rand isn't going to mind.

As I reached the station, the express was just drawing in.

It's the police, perhaps we should get out of their way.

She didn't show up until the meeting was over.

I forgave Edmund.


He has gone to Osaka on urgent business.

I could've told you that.

Lewis is afraid of flying.

Nearly all the doorknobs in this apartment were broken.

Why don't you take a seat here?

If you mix blue and red, the result is purple.

Thereupon he let the cat out of the bag.

Today, foreign relations and domestic affairs are in close contact.

Become more flexible!


He started to study in earnest.

Can't you see why we're suspicious?

Philippe doesn't wear makeup at all.

Elias had plenty of money to burn.

I love seeing you so happy.


Satan is pleased.

Sheila isn't as good-looking as John.

Chuck wants to ride a bull.

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She is traveling now.


I'll ask him to wait.

Paula was very happy.

He took the trouble to see me off at the station.

Mat can't get his car started.

Don't worry. Maurice will be fine.

Turn down the music.

Keep focused on your goals.

I've seen a lot of changes.

Ricardo will plumb her new house with stainless steel; she expects the pipes' endurance will make up for the higher cost.

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You don't have to come up with an unusual topic for your speech.

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He's not a child anymore.


"I have to see him." "What for?"


I've had coffee already.

Luke is tall and looks strong.

Let's go check on her.


I feel quite refreshed after taking a bath.

I like the red dress more than the blue dress.

Have you ever broken your glasses?

I'm a person.

Every rule has exceptions.

Okay, I will keep your advice in mind.

I just wish I could see Alexis again.

Before you do that, there is something you need to know.

OK, what would you like advice on?

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He leaned even closer.

I have to beat my brains out to understand math.

We must go to the bank to exchange some money.


I need your clothes and bike.

I thought Ninja was a Canadian.

Have you ever spread chocolate on your bread?

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It has nothing to do with him.

I don't get enough sleep at night.

I certainly didn't plan to do that.

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The prisoner escaped under cover of night.

Where can you get tickets?

The blacks have to buy beer from the Koreans.

How do I know this is real?

What are you doing up so early?